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fannyanns ([personal profile] fannyanns) wrote2009-04-24 09:45 am

hi from roller grrl country... I practiced last night with the Lilac City Roller Girls. really, one word sums it up: CARDIO. if I had to use three words they would be "cardio on skates!" I'm not nearly as sore today as I thought I would be, which is saying something, I suppose. I had a wonderful time. the woman who worked with the "newbies" as they called us, was really sweet - and very patient. I think it took me twice as long to figure things out as the other women, but that's okay. I just had this odd urge to go exercise last night, and well... I did! weird, huh?

I've been sleeping so much better since the absence of booze. which is super nice. today I'm sore: tomorrow the mus-cles will build up and I will be stronger for it. I'm actually kinda excited.

welcome, welcome, crazy weekend: I have to work both saturday and sunday. mer. I need the hours for americorps tho. so all is well.

Hi Dreamwidth! *waves nicely*

thanks Denise for the invite code (and the instructions how to plug it in!)